For Bussines

There are many different use cases for FELT in business. We could split them into a few basic categories:

Secure Data Analysis

As a company, you often have a lot of data, and you want to hire a company to help you with analyzing data, creating prediction models, and solving different problems. The issue is that your data can be sensitive, and you don't want to face issues with providing your data to an analysis company. In that case, you can use FELT and Ocean protocol to provide your data as a compute asset. Data scientists will be able to train models, but they won't be able to directly see or copy your data. All data will remain under your control.

Secure Collaboration

Maybe you want to collaborate with some other company. Get an advantage against the competition by collaborating on creating prediction models. But still, you don't want to put full trust in the other company and share sensitive data with them. In that case, you can use FELT run data analysis on datasets of both companies without revealing the data itself.

Examples of such cases:

  • E-commerce data combined across shops

  • Market data and private signals about stocks

  • Sensory data from self-driving cars, IoT devices

  • Any data you have

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